Novelscript: An simple novel engine emulator

Project URL:

Novelscript is an simple novel engine emulator. It allows you to make a interactive story as easy as possible.

It’s syntax is based on Esoteric programming languange, Allowing it easier to write an novelscript.

Currently, It supports these features:

  • Image, Sound, Music
  • UI customization
  • Engine speed changer (Text speed, etc)
  • Loading more than 1 novelscripts is supported,
    Allowing for long storyline.

More features like interactions is coming soon.

Github: GitHub - Yonle/Novelscript: Novelscript is an simple novel engine emulator.


It’s now interactive.
So feel free:

add_menu "http://...", "Button 1"
add_menu "http://...", "Button 2"

nice!!! funny that I was also making a visual novel as a weekend project Hydra Adventure Preview

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Script demo here:

May write a project that allow users to publish Novelscripts :slight_smile:

#ComingSoon . . . .

Added feature to execute js code.

w "Here it goes"

alert("do your magic")

w "and it goes again"
alert("do your magic")

I guess that’s all for today. Now do your magic.

this is it. I can finally uninstall powerpoint


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