When a topic is solved, don't let users bump

There is a lot of bumping going around lately, so I thought it would be good for basic members to not be allowed to talk after a week of inactivity in a topic, unless a member+ user replies. It would eliminate almost all bumps.

There’s actually the no-replies-after-6-months limit for threads. Bumping isn’t too bad when the OP adds new info or someone posts a solution to an old issue which someone else might find useful. Personally, I feel it’s okay to bump old threads with solutions to issues and linking related threads because it can help other users and save a lot of new threads and energy. Also, whenever we ask new users to look for similar threads and duplicate issues before creating a thread, these so-called bumps actually help the user. Another example is when a solution to an old thread is outdated or has deprecated code, it’s better to see a post pointing out (even if it’s a bump) that the code is wrong and suggesting the correct code, rather than following the old issues and getting errors and then creating a new thread.

If you find bumps annoying and too much new posts to read, you can just mark all the unread posts as read.


I did know about the no-replies-after 6 months thing, but bumping should be an option, not something always done.