Whole project gone

I’ve noticed my project “sammywhammy-discordbot” is gone, and my discord bot left every server, I’ve worked weeks upon weeks on this project, and suddenly, it’s gone, the main setup was done by someone else, but i’ve made the rest of all the code
Could you please retrieve this file, or make it downloadable for me (just so that i have the code back)

I need to make sure that the “owner” of this file, is not able to delete it again

-Greetings, Sammy

Hi @SammyWhamy, welcome to the Glitch Forums!

I’m not sure what you’re seeing, but https://sammywhamy-discordbot.glitch.me/ looks up and fine to me and I don’t see any record of a project with the name “sammywhammy-discordbot” (with two “m”s in “whammy”). Permanent deletion of Glitch projects can only be done manually and I have no record that anyone’s deleted a project by that name. Is it possible you have the name wrong?

Yeah so, it was deleted, however I found it under ‘Deleted projects’ and I was able to “undelete” it, the code is back and I have removed the other guy from the project
I still assume his account(s) got hacked though