Work-in-progress JavaScript Autocompletions

I have made JS Autocompletions on glitch.

Using some fun JS stuff, and chrome extension API, I have made autocompletions.
It is buggy, and sometimes crashes, but I hope it will help.

Please give me feedback on it, as it is in slow development. If you want to add changes, pull request!


Complicated Stuff

I used the application object to get the files and cursor position. Then some basic DOM editing to add the selector.

See the GitHub page for code.


The newest feature is :mega: AUTOCOMPLETION SELECTION!!! :mega:
You can now use the arrow keys to select which completion you want. (Tab to select)

Also, I figured out how to include other scripts in non-module scripts.
It helps me be able to not hand-code the tab key for indenting, and the arrow keys for moving the cursor.

GitHub Page

If there already is something like this, please let me know! I don’t want to waste my time.

If you have a specific request, leave a reply!


I would love to try this out, but I use Firefox and it says it’s corrupted when uploading the zip (zip with contents, not zip with folder with contents) or when uploading the manifest on the debug page.

thanks btw :slight_smile:

Sorry, this extension is only available on Chrome.

I might possibly try to add Firefox support, but don’t count on it.

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