Ytmous Youtube Proxy: Two years of lazyness, now is back

Remember Ytmous - A anonymous Youtube that does not spy on you ?

Lot of things has been changed since the beginning of 2023.
Alright, so there we go. This release is 3.0.3, which is called as Two years of lazyness because it’s back after two years of no updates.

Here’s a summary:

  • Redesigned Frontend

  • Subtitle feature

  • API endpoints implemented

  • Using low res thumbnails on small <img> element

  • Using <details> for quality selection button, Shelf in Search page

  • Bypass youtube throttle speed

  • Lazyload thumbnails

  • Also list shorts

  • Show more details about an video(s) on search, playlist, channel, or even watch page


Repository: GitHub - ytmous/ytmous: Anonymous Youtube Proxy


Finally I can watch YouTube on my first smart phone with touch display that is about 13 years old where it is no longer supported since 2020, plus no ads. YouTube can’t beat that :exploding_head:


I glad that works well for your old device :slight_smile:

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and also
pov: you have an amazon echo show which has browser but normal youtube uses up too much precious resources
like the difference is very noticable between a lightweight bloat free frontend, and the mobile web ui which for some reason interferes with the core functionality which is playing a video by lagging

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I am done


Months later, Fixed memory leak.

Glitch container should be safe now from big RAM usage now :smiley:

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wow, what was the leak?

The leak was this:

app.get("/s/:id", (req, res) => {
  // The following function created everytime expressjs handle this
  // And then the function being put into memory

  function getChunk() {
    // A long code here

ah yeah, closures always end up being tricky for memory management! nice find


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