5--6 minute pnpm install causes gateway timeout


Hey Glitchers! I’m having some trouble with my inaugural Glitch project. I’m trying to create a minimum reproduction case for a bug in Styled Components with Webpack 4.10.2, so I’ve set up a tiny little Webpack project at https://glitch.com/edit/#!/grave-fowl. The issue I’m having is that pnpm installs are taking between five and six minutes, and npm installs are taking so long that I’ve actually yet to see one finish. Either way, the proxy throws a 504 Gateway Timeout error while the app is trying to boot.

On a related, but slightly different note: it seems like the install processes run on every request if the package.json file is open in the editor, even if it hasn’t been modified. From my logs:

node v8.11.2, with pnpm
Total install time: 401029ms

node v8.11.2, with pnpm
Total install time: 321987ms

I’d love to get this working, but I’m kind of at a loss for how to troubleshoot. I’d be grateful for any guidance you can provide! Thanks so much.


I’m struggling to reproduce either of your issues, sadly. When remixing the first-run install time was 22 seconds. Are you still seeing long install times? Perhaps there was a problem with the host your project was running on at the time.

What kind of request was triggering an install for you? I’ve tried http requests while the package.json file is open and nothing triggered. By default it should be that edits to the package.json cause reinstall, while edits to files like .js cause restarts. Requests only cause a project to restart when waking or if the code encounters an error.


Thanks so much for trying to reproduce the issue! You’re right that whatever had been amiss seems to have resolved itself. Sorry about the wild goose chase.