A first look at something new: Glitch Community Code Jams 🍓

Hi everyone! We’re kicking off something new next week and wanted to give you a first look:

We’re launching Glitch Community Code Jams! :strawberry:

Inspired by Inktober’s mission to encourage creative practice and Sunday Site’s instructions for expressing one’s self with code, Glitch Community Code Jams are a casual, creative virtual event where we provide the prompt, the space :flags:, and a spotlight on the projects you create through the month in theme.

Why code jams?

I’ve talked to hundreds (perhaps trillions) of developers since the dawn of Glitch about what their pain points were when it came to coding and, more often than not, they said they found themselves stuck on ideas of what to make and play around with. Sometimes all we need is a little nudge, some inspiration, and the structure of a low stakes monthly deadline to get our big ideas to code. This is basically the entire ethos of why we build Glitch.

Also, this is a way for us to test out better paths to discovery on Glitch: by making the submission process be simply adding #codejam to your project description, you can see that we’re trying out project tags as a way to best surface interesting apps to the community.

We’d love to know your thoughts, ideas, future prompts we should use, and what you want to create. We’ll be making a wider announcement next week - which will include us bringing back live streams to the Glitch Youtube page - so subscribe and stay tuned! :tv:


(It took me a while to understand why you’re suddenly into strawberries :rofl: )

I have been involved in inktober-inspired coding movements in the past as an organizer and participant, mostly in processing creative coding communities. It was quite straightforward because the objective of the tool is well defined (making images/videos) but with web you can do pretty much anything. Some might benefit from some tool constraints - maybe a roulette that suggests you a random framework (p5.js, Hydra, three.js, react, svelte, choo, express, ….) and its examples? (Not that I’m gonna make it now, I really don’t have that capacity at the moment :slot_machine: )


why do I do this to me


(I don’t have good examples for p5 and three.js, so any suggestion is welcome)


because you felt bad for rickrolling me twice in one week :blush:

this is really great, though, thanks for the idea and its execution!


What is the start date and deadline for the cod jam?

Starting today! We’ll be announcing a new prompt on December 1st - we don’t know for sure what it will be yet - any cool ideas?


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