✍️ Take the Glitch Developer Survey 🎏

We want to know how you use Glitch! Starting today through December 30th, we’re running the Glitch Developer Survey to get feedback and insights from our community of Glitch creators!

Have you ever remixed a project? Have you ever collaborated on a project with someone else? Do you use the logs pane in the editor? What’s your favorite framework to use right now? These are just some of the things we would love to know.

This survey is anonymous and completely optional, should take around 10-20 minutes to complete, and the deadline for submission is December 30, 2022 Midnight Pacific Time.

Have questions about the survey? Reach out to community@glitch.com.

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Gotta check it ASAP, thanks!

Woo hoo! You’re the best :sparkles:

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Bit of a suggestion: It can feel kind of overwhelming especially to smaller screen users with the form being so long vertically, maybe perhaps consider splitting the Google Form into several pages, I see you’ve already divided the form into sections.

By the way, for those who want to explore a bit more here are my primary ways of finding intresting projects on glitch:
Filter by the gallery on glitch:

Filter by community banter since those usually include intresting applications of glitch as well

The last month on glitch series on the glitch blog is always nice to read, a lot of the projects are also embed directly in the blog itself so it saves a lot of “open in new tab” clicking.

Just filled the form!

oh wow! this must be good

Hey @javaarchive thanks for the suggestion! We‘ll definitely keep that in mind for future surveys, and I apologize for the feelings of overwhelm—that’s totally understandable. We just have so much we want to ask!