A-frame in Bio! - WebXR linktree replacement

Project URL: EPB

So not only is this a cool linking solution, but it also links to a bunch of my other A-frame projects!
My ambitious space MMO patreon project, a scan of my brain with a tumor in it, (I am tumor free now. Hooray!) collaborations with artsy friends, and some experiments I have done with comics in this rad new format.
And many more! I also have links through to some of the cosplayers I have done photography for.
Still kinda considering how to finish it off, probably a link through to a hubs environment I have made recently? Who knows.

Hope you like it! Remix at your leisure!

Oh and if anyone knows a firebase engineer with time on their hands (tall order right now, I know) could you send em my way?


This is amazing, thanks so much for sharing! :sparkles:

Loving the navigation and movement, and been wondering about a good way to implement links in an A-Frame project… :eyes:

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This is very neat. Time to dust off my Quest!

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