A spooky scene with three.js + vite

Project URL: https://fog-slender-keyboard.glitch.me

a few months ago i started this online course, three.js journey. i made this haunted house during chapter 2 which is all about learning “classic techniques” before having to open blender - so all of these elements are three.js objects! i built it locally and then uploaded it to glitch and updated the package.json to make it a generated static site.

i’m currently slogging through chapter 6 of the journey by the way, hoping to get through the rest of it by end of this month. i highly recommend the course! blender is extremely humbling!!



you tellin’ me you solved the age old problem of how to upload assets directly to the project filesystem?


I did it the ol’ wget an entire compressed file of the app way: https://help.glitch.com/hc/en-us/articles/16287583102989-Importing-Code-From-Your-Computer


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