Assets that reference assets relative to themselves break :(

When loading 3D files they often reference texture files relative to themselves.

In Glitch this seems to break.

How can I add assets like this to a basic webpage that doesn’t require node/express/etc. ?

I saw this, but looking for a more elegant solution for basic webpages.


Hey @FuzzyWobble, welcome to the Glitch forums! I think the most recent comment I’ve seen regarding this is this:

All the earlier references seem to use the assets-lib package that you described.

Thanks for the response.

My issue isn’t in uploading. My issue is when uploaded files try to reference other uploaded files. The references break.

Ah gotcha, sorry for not being more explicit in my message – my understanding of @cori’s implementation was that it allows you to store the assets inside of the tmp directory, which might meet your needs (in that it and its contents would be accessible via a relative path.)

Other than that, it sounds like they’re working on different ways of handling assets but aren’t there yet.


Is it really not possible to upload assets that reference assets relative to themselves? I can’t really add any threejs model loader code on glitch because of this : (