Accidentally hit the "remix" button and lost all my data. Any one know how to get it back or how to contact glitch to see if they can restore it?



I am not 100% sure I get what happened… clicking remix shouldn’t cause any problem to your previous project.

Can you describe better what happened, and what you want us to do?


everything just went away. I may have done something else but Im not sure. I’ve heard of people in my class having the same thing happen to them and then contacting the glitch people and having them restore it. I couldnt find the contact page but I just want the project restored to what it was.


Remixing a project creates a new project based on the old one, and with the same code. You should be able to switch projects from the menu in the upper left to get back to the other project.


Thanks for your patience,

the project has been restored.

We’ll dig more on this issue! Thanks for reporting.


yeah but i think i deleted the other project thinking that i still had the original but when i went to the original, everything was gone


thanks for restoring it but is there any reason as to why the project is having trouble connecting but none of my other ones are?


sorry again!

is it working now?


yes! thank you so much!