aFrame Virtual Reality not consistently using phone gyroscope

Hello all!
We are working on our glitch project named caurl we set up the VR part using this tutorial It works fine on my phone (I can look around the scene by moving my phone around aka gyroscopic data is being used), but the gyroscopic movement doesn’t work on my collaborator’s phone (we see the scene but you have to drag the screen to look around) BUT it works fine when he goes through and scrolls down and hits the expand button which brings you straight to caurl dot glitch dot me* so it only works when you go through the glitch dot com* url. Very strange!

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I have an iphone 8 he has an iphone X, I was just using safari, he tried safari and firefox (when he’s on firefox we can get it to work by going through glitch dot com url, doesn’t work at on safari). Is there a better VR framework that works for more phones? Is there anything we can try to get aframe to work on his phone?