Enable `xr-spatial-tracking` so that iframes can use XR features


Seems currently the iframes used throughout glitch (e.g. the preview side bar, the project page, …) don’t allow xr-spatial-tracking and thus features like VR and AR don’t work there (need to visit the full page).

See Using WebXR in HTML IFrames. It’s possible but a few pitfalls to… | by Ada Rose Cannon | Samsung Internet Developers | Medium for more info.

To reproduce:

  1. go to Glitch
  2. Note that you can’t enter VR on the project (there should be an “ENTER VR”) button or at least an “VR NOT AVAILABLE” button at the bottom of the page).
  3. open the page in full view
  4. Note that now you have these buttons.

You’ll also note that there’s an exception thrown because the iframe is missing the xr-spatial-tracking feature:

(Also, a tiny thing: there’s no “xr” or “ar” category)


Thanks for the heads up! I believe our team has fixed this issue now. If it still does not work, definitely let us know!


Yep, it was fixed, devs followed up directly on Twitter which is awesome!
Works for both AR + VR now, right from the various pages with embeds!

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