Augmented Reality on Glitch

Hi! Let me show you some Augmented Reality demos on Glitch. They are built using a new open source WebAR engine I created called MARTINS.js. It’s a standalone engine. WebXR is not required.


The demos scan an image and render virtual content on top of it. You can use a webcam or a video file. Glitch makes it really easy to share Augmented Reality experiences with others:


  1. WebAR with MARTINS.js + AFRAME
  2. WebAR with MARTINS.js + THREE.js
  3. WebAR with MARTINS.js + pure WebGL
  4. Touch interaction with MARTINS.js + THREE.js
  5. Hello world with MARTINS.js (minimal example)

If you’d like to know more about my engine, check it out on GitHub!


oh wow! im definitely gonna check all these out!

welcome, @alemart! also, wow, thanks for sharing these - you should check out our Playlists feature where you can curate these and add annotations, that way you only need one link!

i was wondering if anyone else was having trouble opening them - even just the first one crashes both chrome and firefox for me

Oh yes, thanks @jenn, playlists are much better!

Playlist URL:

This is a GPU-accelerated engine that was recently released. It uses shaders to scan the image in real-time. It turns out that, sometimes, WebGL shaders exhibit different behavior across devices / environments. The error could be related to this.

If an error arises, you may test the demos successfully by using a different machine for the time being. If you’d like to help, feel free to open issue on GitHub, and I’ll be glad to work with you to figure it out.

If the demos are working fine for you, please also let me know. Feedback such as “all good, it works” is very helpful. Knowing that it works on your device is valuable information too - e.g., it works fine on my Ubuntu Linux 20.04 Desktop (NVIDIA drivers, Chrome/Firefox/Edge/Opera) or on my specific phone.

Thank you!

Thank you @nobody!