Am I allowed to serve minified files?

So I am working on my project and I am not sure if I am allowed to serve minified files which are difficult to read, and are faster to deliver to the user.

I do know that obfuscated files are prohibited however it doesn’t state that it applies to served files and not the ones that are hosted.

So if Glitch was suspicious about my project and looked at my project, they will still able to see what I was serving at any given time, the non-minified version and the minified version, this can be easily checked by minifying the hosted file with the code that was serving the minified version and if both are the identical that means they do the same thing and aren’t any different.

If it is still prohibited could Glitch staff make such case an exception to this rule?

Served file (Minified)
const httpPost=async(t,e={default:!0})=>new Promise((async s=>{s(await fetch(t,{credentials:"same-origin",mode:"same-origin",method:"post",headers:{"Content-Type":"application/json"},body:JSON.stringify(e)}))}));
Hosted file (Original)
const httpPost = async (endpoint, data = {default: true}) => {
	return new Promise(async resolve => {
		const response = await fetch(endpoint, {
			credentials: "same-origin",
			mode: "same-origin",
			method: "post",
			headers: {
				"Content-Type": "application/json"
			body: JSON.stringify(data)

I am pretty sure this is fine. My projects all use minified Vue distributions etc. and have still been featured by Glitch.

Here are a couple of VERY OLD threads I found:

I think you are within the spirit of the rules to serve minified assets.

Hope it helps, have fun Glitching :slight_smile:


I’m not on a crusade :slight_smile: but this question is another example of the FAQ missing important information. We use the service and we don’t know what we are officially permitted to do. Frankly old threads that seem to confirm a guess are the worst possible “proof” of the current rules.

The rules as posted should be the current rules. I’m not picking on Glitch I see the most common questions on lots of “boards” are never answered in a single definitive location.

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Hi there - thanks for your question and flagging that our policy isn’t exactly clear. This is a bit on purpose, so not to let folks who use obfuscated code to harm the community get away with it or figure out ways to get around it. But we know that build processes and minification are important developer tools and we do not suspend projects that are (more often than not, clearly and obvious to us - as you pointed out) using them to improve a non-abusive experience. Hope this helps!

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Jenn. Seemingly minified and/or obfuscated code (both used commonly) could be an additional perk for paid accounts. You know who these account holders are and steps can be taken if it is abused.

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