Why are obfuscated code not allowed on Glich?


I was wondering why obfuscated code isn’t allowed to run on Glitch. I’ve read the Glitch ToS a few times, although I haven’t actually found anything that mentions obfuscated code.

There are many reasons why a person would want to run obfuscated or minified code. The two main ones are for efficiency and code theft prevention.

Can we have an official reasoning for why this has been banned, and will this eventually be added to the ToS?

But I could find this on the help desk.


Project is Suspended for a Terms of Service Violation

Examples include:

  • Creating a project that contains:
    • Obfuscated code

Hi @ihack2712, thanks for asking!

While there may be legitimate uses for using obfuscated code, it can be (and has been previously ) used to hide code that violates our Terms of Service. That is why it is not allowed on Glitch.


if i make a python script and convert it, will that be a violation?