Anticipated disruption to search features [update April 13, 2023]

On 3/14 we started deploying a change to how the search feature works on Glitch, which we anticipate taking several hours and may lead to some disruption to:

  • The Glitch search page
  • Adding someone by username to a project or team (email should work in the meantime)

Update 3/16 - we’re aware that search is slow for some users and are working on a fix!

Oh, is there a changelog?

nothing fun to announce today, sorry. Today we’re swapping out the underlying systems that power the search for a handful of reasons, most importantly that we’re now set up nicely to make more changes & improvements to search. Make sure to check out Sean’s post in the Feature Ideas category where he’s soliciting ideas for what you’d like to see included in that work!

Hi, I am unable to open my glitch project so i assume it’s related to this. May i know when glitch will be working again?

We’re currently seeing an API outage that is separate from the search changes, and is causing problems in the editor and in logging in. We’ll be updating with more details as we get them, including any information about when we expect to resolve the issue. Sorry for the trouble.

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ok sure thank you

*I meant “changelog”, sorry, I was in my mobile and it autocorrected to “changeling” :grinning:

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Can’t wait to see what changes.

I hope this doesn’t affect me react-ifying one of my projects…

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This iteration of work won’t be a visible change, it’s around indexing and how search works technically. We are asking for feedback on search for the future of it on Glitch in this thread, though, and would love your input: We're Updating Glitch Search - Community Feedback+Suggestions

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Hey all, just thought it’d be nice to have a follow-up on this: we concluded the most significant part of the search improvements, with search now being considerably more snappy, as well as searching for the various things (playlists, projects, users, and teams) all in parallel so you don’t have to wait for aaaall the results to finish before you see the results.

However, we’re not done yet! We’re in the process of auditing the search routes and queries to see where we can put in additional improvements, so you might notice search improving even more as that work progresses. The immediate focus will be on the user search, which still seems to take longer than it reasonably should, so hopefully we can report some wins there in the near future, too!


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