⚒️ Glitch development preview updates

It’s been a little while since we’ve updated you on what is going on behind the scenes since we launched preview.glitch.com (read more about that here), but I promise we haven’t forgotten. Now I’m back from parental leave :sparkling_heart: and working hard with the team to get new features out for you!

What’s new:

  • We’re preparing to start on a :sparkles:cool new feature :sparkles: over the next couple of months by getting the User Profile pages more on par with what is currently on Glitch.com. You can now see users’ pinned projects, send them thanks, and paginate through recent projects.
  • The preview site is now hosted on DigitalOcean, along with our new blog (oh, have we mentioned that we launched a new version of the blog? More on that soon!)
  • We’ve slipped in some miscellaneous bug fixes and enhancements…most notable being that now when you search on the dashboard, it also searches through project descriptions (thank you @wh0 for the suggestion!)

What are y’all hoping to see on our development preview soon? Any new features or key features from the current Glitch? Let us know!


Wow! I love some of the hover animations! One thing I noticed was when I logged in, my image seemed a little blocky:
Maybe add some padding, and maybe a border radius, but your the devs. Either way it is great!

Thanks for the feedback!! We’re glad you like it :smile: