Any tools to compare 2 code of 2 projects/

I have 2 projects that are similar I’d like to compare the code of the files for each …there any tools or way to do that?

I think you’d need to get the files out of Glitch to compare them, because projects can’t see other projects files.

Some ideas:

  • sync with github; details at

  • Visual Studio Code extension for glitch, although it only caches files locally if they are viewed, so you’d need to open each file of interest, to get a set of cached files for each project. Details at

  • Import node’s ftp module and build your own ftp app to transfer the files.

  • build a browser extension or bookmarklets that download the files from an open project. (not sure its possible)

Found an easier way to get the files …

In the project editor, click Tools > Git, Import, and Export > Download Project