Anyone having a mysql login glitch? Kindly share it with me!

I’m currently working on a mysql-powered login website, and I’m stucked on an error. So, I thought if anyone can share their glitch, then I could see where I’m wrong. I think it is common for glitch devs to use mysql as their storage support, if that’s not true, then what are you guys using as your backend storage?

Thanks in advance!

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I’m pretty used with MongoDB as my backend database.

@ihack2712, I’ve previously searched for many storage projects, and I’ve also found that many of them were using MongoDB, so that seems a good alternative.
But, is it recommended for development usage too? Also, I’ve heard that MySQL have nearly infinite (not infinite) storage, is that true with MongoDB too?

Neither can store infinite amounts of rows or documents. You can only store as much as your SSD or HDD have space. Although, both have a very little limitation on how many rows or documents you can store (this means that it can store quite a lot).

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I use a Node login Try username and password

He is talking about databases. In the nodejs login, data is stored locally in the .env file.

I find mongodb atlas quite nice. Especially with mongoose


MongoDB Atlas with Mongoose is really easy to pick up. Doesn’t have those silly queries you’ve got to make up in mysql :joy:


pretty easy to edit things as well as you have a web dashboard

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I never have really tried mongodb but it seems to have very positive reviews so I will look into it.

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@anon43649539, @EddiesTech
Can you share some of your beginner / basic glitches? It will be best if I follow a working example :wink:

Actually, I am very frustrated by my, neither mysql nor mongodb is working. I don’t think that it’s due to glitch proxies, is it? everything is working now. I’ve configured the Atlas to make my cluster accessible by every IP address! which worked like charm.

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Very cool alert. I guess that is your own. It looks really like window.alert()

Glad to hear that it works