Up to date login system?

Hello guys.

I’m fairly new to .js, and i know HTML and CSS.
I need a login system for a website i’m working on. Preferably allowing me to create/manage the logins.
Is there any up to date example somewhere, or someone who could guide me how i’d do this?
Also i don’t know database coding, so i don’t know what’d be a good place to have the DB.
I could use SQLite here on glitch, but i also have access to Microsoft Access

You can use Firebase Cloud authentication, just search for examples. You won’t need to worry about login system/design, just include some buttons and update the server code – profit!

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I think i found a login system i can use. But i need a bit of help. Can someone tell me where the logins are stored?
Don’t worry, i’m not trying to steal passwords, but i want to be able to delete logins.

hey @darknessgamingdk ! I think your project might be private (I wasn’t able to see it when I navigated to the link you shared.) Depending on how your login system works, the logins are probably stored in a database – either remotely somewhere else if the database is hosted elsewhere, or potentially in the same environment as your glitch project. Check from the Glitch console if there’s a hidden .data directory in your project (using the command ls -a, for example) – whatever database you’re using will have a command for finding and deleting specific rows from your table. Good luck, (and let me know if this doesn’t answer your question!)

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Thank you, but i moved host from Glitch sadly.
Glitch is great, but the lack of PHP is an issue.
I know it’s possible to use PHP if you remix some example first, but i already have a full project made, and i’m not in mood for copying it all into glitch.