Anyone know why this is happening?

Hi, I have had a Discord Bot running on glitch and recently the bot has been going offline randomly and when I check logs this is all it says. image

When my bot starts, it normally says:

Your app is listening on port 3000
DiscordBot is Online!

But it doesn’t…
This has happened before and I thought it was a one time only thing and I solved it by exporting my files to github then importing them on a fresh project. I don’t want to keep on needing to do this.
I have the refresh command in the terminal but it doesn’t start my bot, it only says “Your app is listening on port blah”

Please, if you know what is happening or a solution help me out.

Chances are your bot is on one of Glitchs’ banned hosts, I’ve had the same problem multiple times lately.
You can find out more and what to do here:

Are you a boosted member?

I am. same thing happening to me.

Are you sure your project is not IP banned? That is really the only thing I can think of or maybe Glitch is having some issues.

Its IP banned. I checked, i sent it to the mega-thread and still not fixed. I understand, and i’ll wait.

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That could be OP’s problem, too.