Active Discord Issues - Solution In Progress

UPDATE: Discord bots had gone down due to an IP banning. It’s a slow process, but projects are starting to work again. Again, thank you for your patience!

Hey all - we see there’s an issue with Discord bots running off Glitch and we’re actively working to get them back online. I appreciate your patience and am sorry for the inconvenience!


Why did this happen?

I wonder how did it happen? Whatever it is, I’ll be sure to keep an eye on the post.


My server has 1500 people and is dependent on this bot. I really hope this get’s fixed soon ;-;


Yeah. You can try to inform the members that the bot is down in the meantine if you haven’t already. ;-;

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I did already ;-; I hope they still love me

I got new info somehow. Discord IP banned big part of the glitch IP due to other projects that had been api abused which resulted other innocent projects to be IP banned as they share a IP. I got misinterpreted, austin corrected me so my bad guys.

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It is and it ain’t pretty. Glitch staff is trying their best to get the innocent bots off the banned IP

Are you serious??? What the heck is discord thinking ?!?!?

You misinterpreted my post… They are hostile to Glitch under the cover of “there are abusive projects”, and it is not the first time they used such reason (See timestamp!). Glitch indeed actively removes potential abusive projects, and provides ways to resolve issues (e.g. Suspended project, Projects getting mistakenly suspended for mining, can't email support, Some processes currently restricted), yet Discord doesn’t care, quote, “so you might as well find a real hosting provider”. Not to mention many senior bot developers hate “newbie” Glitch just because many people can’t afford a proper VPS…

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Good point Austin. Discord isn’t a huge fan of Glitch at all. While they don’t mind Glitch using Discord API, if anyone tries to exceed rate limit or mass spam or anything considered as API Abuse, Discord will step in and ban the culprit. If the culprit hosting on glitch gets IP banned, it’ll also ban innocent bots hosting on Glitch. Discord isn’t going to step in to help anybody that use Glitch even if they’re innocent. After all, “One person can even ruin it for everybody.”

My bots are working once again now. What about you two, @ExceedFlame and @xkyrux ? (Of course, sorry for the mention.)

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Yes they are working now. Glitch is the best, discord is just salty

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Mine 3 projects are oofline … Hope its resolved soon