Anyway to add assets 512 mb disk size into project 128mb so that we can increase the project size?

it will be good if we can use assets storage into our project storage to increase project storage size as I never used assets so please add option to increase storage size to 512 mb + 128mb!

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. They aren’t stored in the same place, or even on the same kinds of servers, so we can’t do that.

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OK , at least increase storage size to 150mb. :no_mouth:

we have an upcoming fix to address the space problems caused by the use of large packages, so hopefully that will solve space issues caused when you haven’t used assets. We can let you know when the beta is ready (cc @etamponi)


Good to know it :smiley: that maybe solve my problem

Maybe post it in #experiments once it’s ready to get some early :eyes:?

Good idea :slight_smile: