WebXR Example App - Bike configurator

Project URL: https://needle-bike.glitch.me/

Configure your Bike Adjust colors and materials, and review each part in detail.
Works on Desktop, Mobile, VR, AR , all right in your browser.

Invite collaborators Click Create Room to be put into a live, multi-user space – just copy the URL, send it to collaborators and they join you automatically.
There’s currently a max limit for “users online at the same time” – if you don’t get into a room, please try later.


The page was authored in Unity and exported to threejs using tools and technologies by :cactus: Needle and directly deployed to glitch from within Unity.

There are a lot of open technologies involved: 3D models are in glTF format,
the render engine is three.js,
VR and AR are using WebXR.
The networking server runs on https://glitch.com
and audio is sent over WebRTC using PeerJS


Here is a short video showing the deployment workflow: https://twitter.com/marcel_wiessler/status/1513948639428853766

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Here is a Demo video showing all the features:



Woah, this is incredible work! I didn’t know you could export Unity content to web, is the conversion from Unity to ThreeJS seamless?


Thanks - it is exported with our toolchain, you can signup here

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