Bot Glitch Help, pleaseeeee


Hello, I’m trying to access the panel of my Discord Bot in JavaScript, but the page does not work, this is the error:, how can I get back to the page? or recover everything I save on both projects.

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Hi @GamerGb, welcome to the Glitch forum!

Would you be willing to share your project name(s) so someone can take a closer look?

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Yes, but where will I go to hack anyone?

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I’m not sure what you mean, but if you’re concerned about the security of your project, you can read over our documents about private projects you can see how we help keep your project safe.

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Ok, so I’ll send it, it’s two projects, but I’ll create others soon.
The first one is sky-pvp
The second is skypvpmoderacao

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Thanks for the project names. I don’t see the problem from your screenshot in either of those projects; are you still seeing the problem?

One point I do see, though; in sky-pvp you never have the project start listening to an external port, so Glitch just keeps trying to start the project until it sees that listener. In skypvpmoderacao you’ve got the right thing set up at!/skypvpmoderacao?path=index.js:8:0. If you do the same thing in sky-pvp it’ll start up correctly.

Just as a side note, it looks like you might be starting from the AnIdiotsGuide Discord bot tutorial. One portion of that that doesn’t work as advertised there is the setInterval pattern to keep your bot up. It works as well as can be expected when keep a project alive from the insicde, but the problem is that projects shut down every ~12 hours no matter what, and when that happens there’s nothing that will start your project back up the start that interval again. There are also other reasons why a project might stop (another common one is if Discord bans one of our servers, in which case we’ll shut it down and move everything to a new host). To make sure your project is stable across those sorts of restarts you need something external to keep your project awake, and once you have that the setInterval pattern is no longer useful. How to make a glitch project to run constantly? talks about one approach to having an external keep-alive.

Hope this helps!

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Actually, in my opinion the reason for this image is that I try to use it, but I am not logged in to my account (the one that has access) because I can not access it, for github it takes, takes and does not load the page, through gmail, it also takes time to send the message (by the computer (the computer that I use)) but by the cell phone I can access the panel;…

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I don’t think it’s related to not being signed in; what I see when I try to access one of those projects while not logged in looks like this:


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This appears when I try to log in, through GitHub and Facebook


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In … Where’s the answer?

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Hey @GamerGb, I’m not seeing anything obvious as far as login problems on our end of things - can you provide your Glitch login so I can take a look from that end of things?

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