A private project

I have a private discord bot project, I don’t want other people to see the code, but there is 1 problem.
I have noticed that uptimerobot will not keep my bot up, and I think it might be happening because my project is private, any suggestions?

It is not because the project is private, it is because Glitch projects sleep after 5 mins of inactivity, and stop after 12 hours. If Uptimerobot is failing you, I recommend using Awake! made by a respected member of the Glitch community

should i just put my bot’s link in there? and it will be 24/7?

Yes, the https://project-name.glitch.me/ link

im putting in my link but it will just load non stop, did it work?

And it will ping on Awake’s 5 min timers

its saying project not found

It pings itself, so it can stay online

also, Glitch is currently having issues with projects and stuff
see up to date status of Glitch here status.glitch.com

maybe thats why my bot is down sometimes?
i saw that glitch wouldnt run my bot sometimes and sometimes the website is a bit slow

its now working i have added it to the list, hope its gonna work

Yep, but in case it doesn’t work, it is prob Glitch server issues

i shut-downed the uptimerobot and added it to the Awake list, gonna check it out in 20min

Okay, well hope I helped you with your issue ツ

Thanks, and are you sure its a good hosting service? or is it gonna randomly shut-down?

it just went offline

Very, very reliable…
My Glitch users use it, if it shutdowns, use my remix or make your own

My remixed version is https://empty-sun-cylinder.glitch.me/

i just want my bot to run 24/7 and nothing is working tbh

Glitch is unstable at the moment, no idea when this is going to be fixed. :confused:

@itay949494994 Do you have a webpage for the servers to ping?