Bot is not working


I am hosting a Discord Bot on Uptimerobot. The bot only works when I have the page open to editing the code. Is this Glitch’s problem or Uptimerobot’s. This has been hard to figure out. And the Discord bot is on one server.


Hello @SuperWaltC,

Can you send us a screenshot of your uptime robot configuration!



I have tried using forever.But that I still need like 3 commands to get it to work.


The url has to be the projects web link that you get in the url when you click “Shown” on your project!


Sorry for being away, I have been busy. I can’t do that, because when I do it doesn’t work.


@SuperWaltC Change what you put in the URL field to
(replace project_name with the name of your project)


@Blank I have done that and It doesn’t run.


Which project is it?