Bot randomly goes offline

My bot works fine when starting up. The bot will work for a few minutes, but then, all of a sudden, the bot goes offline. 0 errors in log. Anyone that could help me with this? It’s not Glitch putting the project to sleep since I have the same issue when hosting it locally. Thanks in advance.

Glitch shuts down projects that haven’t been receiving pings / requests in 2-5 minutes (performance reasons), from what I know, to solve this issue many people use services like uptime robot.

Use to host the bot

Can you not read?

Same for you

We can’t help you if we have no code to look at… A project name/link would be useful!

public-mazz-v6 but it is set to private. There is valuable info inside

Could you give us a copy of your main bot file? you can remove any ‘vunerable’ information

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This is all the code in the bot.js file.