🧠 Brainstorm: Project Dashboard

We’ve got a little bit of the dashboard implemented here, where we’ve just been lifting what we’ve already got on the dashboard.

But I want to hear from all of you: What do you want to be able to do to manage your projects on the dashboard? Is there functionality on the existing dashboard that you’d love to see added? Are there ways that we could make project management easier for you?

  • direct link to view, prevent starting a container for static projects
  • direct link to fullscreen terminal
  • edit description
  • add to/remove from collection

As much as the technical complexity it brings, I’d love it if you could opt in to maybe generating a thumbnail of the project you’re working on once idle that appears in the dashboard in a gird style. I’ve had a couple of projects that I’ve forgotten to rename and as a result I’ve forgotten about that (e.g. random app that hashes the current time until it sees a string of words).


please remix directly from dashboard please :tanabata_tree:

  • link to view the project, at the moment you need to go to the edit page then view it
  • list or sort by static, node, etc, even by the starter kit used
  • ability to completely delete projects
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  • Maybe organize all the actions of the dashboard into a “…” menu so everything is cleaner
  • Instead of using pagination, we could have something like an infinite scroll.
  • Hide boost switch for non-boosted users
  • I heavily agree on having thumbnails

:face_holding_back_tears::pinched_fingers: We have talked about thumbnails since the dawn of Glitch and I agree that this is a great opportunity to really think more about how to make them work well for projects that don’t have a front-end UI to capture. (A really quick and crappy prototype I built for this like 6 years ago had a hard time capturing webxr projects, but I imagine the tech has advanced lol)

Anyway, I’d like to know what all your ideas are for a good experience around project thumbnails! Would this replace project icons or do you want those separately and why?

I personally would love a default capture of the index page and the option to override it with an image upload - even suggesting the use of community tools on Glitch like bannerizer to improve that experience.

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I forgot to say! search by project description :pray:

I keep leaving the name default because I don’t want to waste good names in the flat namespace. okay it’s because I don’t want to think up good names. but anyway, descriptions are easy enough, so I fill those out to give future me a fighting chance, but future me anyways has to click “show all” and Ctrl+f because the search doesn’t look in the description

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or some of us just find the random names really amusing or fitting for the project sometimes yea I agree desc search would help

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Capturing a thumbnail is, as you described, not trivial and I agree with you to have a collection of tools. Somewhat related, I recently made a favicon editor for myself (using hydra live coding lib https://hydra-favicon-editor.glitch.me/) as well as an interactive favicon example (in p5js https://p5-favicon-template.glitch.me/).

Alternatively maybe allow setting an emoji for the thumbnail…

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