BUG: .data/<file> not preserved on reload

To reproduce the bug:

  1. Create a file. I used .data/mwolf.md
  2. Open the project on another device with the same credentials. The file appears there.
  3. Reload the project. The file appears there.
  4. After not using the project for a while, return to the project, it reloads.
  5. YOIKS! The file is not there!

I am guessing that the “don’t co[py on remix” logic is invoked when the project is reactivated.

Hi Mike,

the file is there, but it is not shown because in the editor we don’t show files in hidden directories (directories starting with a dot). The exception is when you manually create a file in an hidden directory. You will see it until the next time the project goes to sleep.

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So, does this mean that we have no way of editing our own hidden files once the machine sleeps? That seems awfully cumbersome. Is this a beta-solution or do you guys intend on keeping this functionality as it is going forward? If you’d like to keep it then maybe add this to the FAQs.

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