Building a Node app to work with Markdown files for a notes app

Hey there - I’m looking to start a project to do two things:

  1. Build my own “notes” environment - similar to this:

  2. Learn how to use Node (bit of a n00b over here)

Basically I’m thinking of creating an app that:

  • Edits files in the browser
  • Saves them as markdown files
  • Allows for some light dynamic features like auto-complete links when creating a link between two pages

I found this project:

I was thinking of following this project to get a feel for working with md files - but before I dive in I wanted to check if this tutorial will work with Glitch? Or is there a better base project that I should start with?


This seems compatible with Glitch. It looks very cool, I wish you the best of luck!

@tomcritchlow, I just built an online markdown converter to HTML, (see MarkMe! - A lightweight and simple markdown to HTML viewer and editor online for more info). I used a package called markdown-it and it’s completely front-end. You can refer to the source code if you’re not comfortable with Node.js, as I’m using the package with client-side JavaScript.

All the best for your project, I’m looking forward to its completed version!

P.S.: The tutorial above does have a lot of unnecessary stuff. The markdown viewer I built is similar to the tutorial but with less code and more features.

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This project doesn’t have in-browser editing, but supports serving a folder full of markdown files using node- would be good to build upon! Hope it’s a useful start.


Amazing! Thank you Potch!

I’ll remix this and see where I get to.

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