HTML Apps via Markdown using Glitch?

Hi Everyone,

Can I create an HTML app using Markdown? Basically, I am looking for something similar to what Github recently enabled via ReadMe docs that double as Profile Pages.

I’ve successfully created an HTML profile doc using Glitch and used it as the source of Profile Data (deployed as a Structured Data Island within HTML) for creating an Identity Card etc.

yes you can! just create a .md file!

You should be able to use markdown on your profile.

wait are you trying to use markdown in a html file?

If thats the case, you cannot. Unless you use Jekyll, which can be used on Glitch.

i think the op is asking if you can render .md files with html

I am trying to make a Markdown equivalent of my HTML App, in a sense.

Glitch has a simple HTML skeleton for an HTML App. I was wondering if I could do the same thing, but via Markdown, as per my Github example.

so your trying to make a site thats shows the .md file?

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I have made a .md file as part of my project, but I am unclear about its public URL. That’s my problem at this stage.

the public url is the project name @kidehen

Please note that these files do not render into HTML, you would need to use a service like Jekyll to do that.

Here’s what I have now which solves the problem.

Project Page URL: :slight_smile:

My profile page includes a Structured Data Island that’s readable by User Agents that understand the EAV or RDF Data Models.

Thanks everyone!

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