Building Glitch dispatch for May 8th: livesteams, preview and container updates

Happy May everyone! We’ve got a few updates to share with what’s new on Glitch across content, preview and platform. Check it out:

  • A big leap forward for the new Glitch, you can start to personalize your profile. @allypalanzi deployed another update to so you can now pin and feature projects. Try it out, let us know any bugs in this thread, and let us know your thoughts on the preview so far. One thing we’ve been talking about is moving away from iframes and more towards project screenshots - what are your thoughts?

  • Last Friday was the last episode of season 1 of Glitch Jams Live. To make season 2 even better, I’d love to get your feedback whether you’ve watched or not! The stream will be back next month to kick off the June code jam. In the meantime, fill out the survey and then teach a thing!

  • This week we’re testing a small number of containers that have the default Node version set to 12 (right now the default is 10). Given how that test goes, we’ll likely set a maintenance window for Thursday (tomorrow, which I’ll post a separate thread about that today) to apply changes across all projects. This should only impact projects without “engines” set in package.json, but it could have some other unpredictable effects on containers which is why we’ve been treading as carefully as we’ve been. After this is done, we can go all in on the work that we’ve already been doing in parallel to get the container OS updated and get more recent versions of Node available. We appreciate your patience as we work on all of this!

  • I’m working on putting together the next community test that should be going out next month, so expect some calls to join our testing group if you’ve not already. One of the tests is to try out recent Node versions on containers, and another one is a surprise but here’s a hint: it’s an exciting new functionality we’re adding to user profiles in the glitch preview. If you guess what it is correctly, I will mail you a bunch of Glitch and Fastly stickers.

If you have any questions, sound off below!


Whenever I try to load the site, it just shows an error.

It doesn’t matter which page I go to.

I can’t even log in.

In the console, it logs either error 500 or 404 depending on the page.

hey, sorry this is happening! please try deleting your cookies & local storage for the subdomain and see if you can log in fresh. We’re still working out some of the intricacies of how we authorize requests to our API, and we’ll definitely get those bugs fixed and also improve the error messages over the coming months.


Thanks! That fixed it!


I found a few dark mode errors.

NOTE: These are only if you switch to dark mode.

#1 (Account Settings)

  • The box there should have a dark background.

#2 - 4 (Any page - Select User)

  • The hovered elements are too bright.
  • Same with the team (and perhaps the sign out button)
  • The user id (@ + USERNAME) uses dark text when not hovered.

#5 - 7 (Project Dashboard)

  • The search input element is the default light element.
  • The project page buttons are using black text instead of white.
  • The little information (i) button is black with invisible text.

#8 - 9 (Main Page)

  • The (LET’S GO) buttons should maybe not be dark blue text in the Top installable apps on Glitch.
  • The Glitch logo at the bottom of the page uses black text.

#10 (Your Profile page)

  • The remove featured app button uses black text.

Thanks so much! This is super helpful. We’ll get on these dark mode fixes soon :woman_mechanic:

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hey, the profile description on the preview version doesn’t support HTML tags in the markdown (like <br />), which the old version used to!


Ooh, it supports markdown so you should be able to exclude the
and just use enters instead. Let me know if that doesn’t work!