Can I bookmark a milestone to return to if things wrong? I do not remember where the milestone was

Is there a way that I can bookmark a point where a milestone is reached and the code is working properly? I reached such a point but forgot when it occurred. So I do not know where to rewind to. I would like to know more about rewind and possibly also remixing. I have seen the help videos on rewinding and remixing but I would like to know how experienced coders work with them. Can I rewind and then remix a project I remixed to edit?

Hi @laserblue

Bookmarking is not available at this time. If you would like, I encourage you to post it as a feature request here:
Feature Ideas

I’ll let other members of the community chime in on how they use Remix/Rewind, but to answer your question - yes, you should be able to remix a project then rewind it then remix it again.

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I would also be interested in a feature like this – post here if you create a #feature-ideas post!