Can we get a newer version of node? Glitch is 19 months behind

As of the 30th, node 12, the latest available version on glitch, left Active Support and is now a Maintinance LTS build. Glitch now has No active versions of node with the latest version being over 19 months old and 3 major releases behind (Node15 is available now) and is not even on the latest LTS version of 12 either.

Can we see Node 14 or even 13 sometime soon?

It is a lot of work to update every VM. They will do it when they have time.

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Hey bro!

I see, You want to using Node v15 at Glitch, Right?

Try install node package as devDependencies.

Then, Try execute node --version !

Something that i want to tell you..

Iā€™m not recommend you to use this method.
if you restarted the Project, Some of your devDependencies may not installed correctly.

So use this at your own risk!

This would be a awesome idea!

(also sorry for bumping)

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