Can we have the old Node/Express template back?

Hey, I like the new “New Project” templates. But a couple of them now have a few more frameworks involved than previously (e.g., hbs).

Could you also retain the previous “Simple webpage” and “Node/express” templates? I use Glitch to teach (and spread the good word), but it’s off putting to my students when they have to figure out yet another framework.

Thank you!

The hello-express and hello-webpage templates still exist, but are not shown on the new project pages anymore. You can get your students to remix those projects using these links Remix hello-express and Remix hello-webpage.


Hi there, you can also find minimal versions of each starter on Glitch.


Oh I had completely missed the little “Find more” button. Thank you.

Is there any reason (apart from not getting much use) why the sqlite template has gone from both lists? I realise I can just ask students to remix one of my own sqlite projects, but am just curious.

Thanks very much!

That’s primarily it, but we are currently exploring data storage options that are suitable in Glitch starters!