Cannot access "storage app collection"

I have been trying different options of the “storage app collection” to create new projects in order to test some code for an assignment.
The last one I created was named hw6 using the pouchdb database, but I was unable to make it work.
I searched the documents of pouchdb in order to close the database before delete my project but I couldn’t find anything on the subject,
So, I just deleted the project aiming to try another of the templates of the “collection”, but my browser does not load any longer the page with those options (it flashes the page but immediately it disappears and I get a blank page).
I’m afraid I have done something very wrong when I deleted the project with the db included… Have I?
I apologize if I have done any unwanted damage.
Is there a way to access again the page with the options of your “storage app collection”?
Thank you. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Sorry about that - this is a problem on our side. I’ve flagged it to our team and I hope it will be resolved soon. For now, use

Okay. Thank you. :slight_smile: is working again now too. Thanks for reporting.