Cannot Run Project & Exceeding Project Limits

To keep the Glitch servers healthy for all users, we limit the number of projects a user can run 24/7 to no more than 20. You can learn more about this limit here. If you have projects suspended please contact us directly at


it says

Project Cannot Run

Maximum running projects exceeded.

and when i click on edit project it stuck in Loading Project

It is affecting a lot of my projects including my website and the cdn too, and one of my discord bots too.

402 error is project quota exceeded.

I’ve never heard of this error! Can you send a screenshot of what happens when you try to go to the page?


I have never seen this before! Send Glitch an email ( I’ll be sure to do some more digging. (an example)

May I also ask, how many projects do you have on the uptime robot?

20 Projects on UpTimeRobot

9 Projects on Freshping


I never seen this.

So glitch must be cracking down people who use autopingers. That sucks!!!

The project was running just now ;\ now i cant even access my files

I have 7 on uptime robot and I have more on

I think they want people to use the paid plan instead of using autopingers.

actually im using glitch because its free

But I’m not sure. You should email Glitch.

Yeah, I switched to a webhost a few weeks ago, but there was a lot of downtime. So I switched back to glitch.

i cant even delete not working projects ;\

I’ve tried
I believe glitch has finally ran out of projects. There must be a running projects limits otherwise the growing user base would exhaust glitch of it’s money and resources.