Can't remix anymore - error in console


when trying to remix the website get’s stuck and the console shows the following error:


Happens even when trying to remix a starter: Glitch :・゚✧

Being logged out and clicking remix works

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Hi @Marcel_Wiessler! I’m not able to reproduce any problems remixing just now so am hoping this was a temporary issue - are you still encountering the error when you’re logged in? Clearing your browser cache then logging back in might be worth a try.

Hello, ive had this issue with this account few days ago on another machine as well. I can send you login info if that helps?!

I’m only encountering the issue when being logged in on that specific account!

Ah we do have a limit on how many projects new accounts can create (to prevent spam etc) so it may be something like that - if you could email with your account name we can check that for you!

I see, makes sense! It is a test account for deploy to glitch functionality so I did indeed create some remixes (8 in total over the course of 3 days so not that many actually and I archived old ones)

Id still say from the error message above you might still have a bug somehwere as I’m not getting any “ProjectCreateFailureNotification” here (it justs loads indefinitely)

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Additionally: I can sign out, remix and then sign in again - not sure if this is intentional to circumvent this error/limitation?

If clearing your cache isn’t making any difference and you keep seeing errors go ahead and email with your account and project details so we can take a look!