Can't rename a a project


I can no longer rename my projects, different from the random name chosen by glitch. I used to rename them, by going into the project options and then manually deleting(by blanking the old name out) the old name and retyping a new name which makes more sense to me. I was able to do this until a few days(about three days ago). Now, when I do this, glitch first tells me the typed name already exists. But, somehow it accepts the new name. But when I double-click on the button or tab which initiates the app, glitch tells me , at ‘the new name’, no project is found’. Then it tells me ’ may be the project was renamed’. As far as I know, I have not changed any settings. Did ‘glitch’ make any change in its default settings? Please help me. Thank you.

Ahammadunny Pathiaseril


Sorry to hear you’re having problems. We didn’t make any changes to that which I’m aware of and I haven’t been able to reproduce your issue. Are you trying to rename the project to the same thing each time? If so, what’s the name you’re trying to change to - I’ll confirm whether it’s taken. Also please provide your browser version and OS and I’ll try and reproduce. Thanks.