Can't upload SVG to the assets folder


I have some SVGs exported from photoshop, but I can’t upload any of them to the assets folder, no error in logs, it just uploading and nothing happens.


hmm, SVGs are allowed and I’ve uploaded them before. Can you send us an example file ( that isn’t working and I can look into this more closely for you. Thanks!


It’s possible the asset was uploaded, but HyperDev displays it as a transparent box.

This is what happened to me when I uploaded this asset.

Hunt around for the asset with your mouse. On mouseover the asset will turn darker.


I tried, there is no any empty svg’s or space


Thanks for sending in the file, I’ve reproduced the problem and noted the error, so I’ve passed it along to our team to fix.


Our man @DanielX has fixed this up - they were actually uploading just being displayed at 0x0. So if you uploaded them a few times you’ll probably see multiple in your assets folder now.


If anyone has this problem, especially with self-created SVG images, make sure the SVG image is valid :slight_smile: by using the W3C Validator