Changing you Glitch username?


Is it possible to change a Glitch Username? If so, how would I do that?


Not through the UI, but I can change it for you. What do you want it to be?


It would be awesome if I could get @wuz!

Thank you so much!


Okay, I dub thee wuz.


Thanks so much! You da bomb!


Hi friend :slight_smile: I created my account with an old name and would like a username change too, @piersmana por favor and danke


What’s the old username?



Thank you!


…and it is done.


Hi there,

As long as it’s still okay to ask for these here, I’d like my username “wonaldson” on Glitch changed to “crownsedge”.

Considering the number of transgender people out there who may create an account before transitioning and then need to change username later so as to not reflect their deadname, I’d also like to place my vote for adding in a feature where the user can do this on their own, without needing to contact support or post about it in a public forum, which could have the potential to open them up to transphobic acts of violence from other users or Glitch support staff. If there’s a more appropriate way or place for me to properly request this, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Thank you for your assistance and your time – it’s greatly appreciated!


Thanks for the feature suggestion, I’ll add it to our backlog. I’ve also requested that name change for you.

However, you need not fear such attacks on this forum or from our staff. We’re a friendly, supportive community who welcomes everyone as they are. It’s not a subject we take lightly, some members of our team have experienced first-hand such issues in other communities. We take into account vectors for harassment and abuse when making product decisions. And trust that if anyone does encounter discrimination or harassment in any form on Glitch, we have your back. That stuff does not fly around here. Should you or anyone else encounter such issues or have concerns, you can always email me directly at or via support and it will be dealt with swiftly.


The username change has been done!


Hi team! In the event I can still request a username change here–can you please change my existing Glitch account @elisabethmelson, to @beccimelson ? I’d really appreciate it!


Your username is changed.


I’d like to change my glitch username from svincent to simeon, if possible. Thanks!


Henceforth, thou shalt be known as simeon.



Could I change my Glitch username from xoneco to wilhelmklopp?

Thanks! :bowing_man:‍♂️


You are now wilhelmklopp.


Can you change my glitch username to Arkmodder


Your name is now Arkmodder.