Changing you Glitch username?


My username on is "kartoffelx86"
Could you change it to “nailujx86”?
This would be very kind. Thanks for this amazing service by the way!


From this day forward, you shall be known as nailujx86.


Hi @Tim,

Could you change my username from nt1m to ntim ?

Happy holidays,


You have a new username to start the new year :slight_smile:


Hi @Tim,

Could I possibly have my username changed to “peritract”? I messed up.



I changed it to peritract.


Can I change my username from @taiweiloh to @ExcelledBot ? Thank you.


You have been renamed.


Thank you so much for continuas fast support and reply :smiley:


can you change my nick to EliteDaMyth


its lolpro6969 on glitch lul


Now you are truly 1337.


@Tim could you please change my Glitch name from true4canadian to Zach or Zachary or Zachify
Please, and thanks :wink:


You’ve been renamed to Zach.


@Tim my username still shows as True4Canadian. As you can see inside of the picture.Capture


Hey @Tim Could you please change my username from @ZachMurphy to Zachary. I linked my Facebook account to my profile and it changed my username from Zach to ZachMurphy. I would like it if you could change it too Zachary if you could. Thank you :wink: Sorry for making another request to change it. I didn’t know that it would change it.



No problem. I fixed it.


Thanks You So Much! :joy:


Hey @Tim, I signed up for Glitch today using Github so it used that username. But I want my username on here to be “croc” instead of “crock” if it is available. Thanks :slight_smile:


You are now known as croc.