Changing you Glitch username?


May I please be changed from @jaminscript to @benabbottnz


Your scripts are no longer jammed.


Hey @Tim

I changed my github username to Bamblehorse and would like to update glitch to match

It’s currently @ JonathanDWood but would love it to be @ Bamblehorse


hey @Tim, can my Glitch username be changed from @Fire- to @fire to match my Twitter/Twitch/keybase/etc handles?


Ayyyy you da man! Thanks heaps!


Could my name on Glitch, @lieuwevandenberg, be changed to @lieuwe_berg?


You are now Bamblehorse, fire, and lieuwe_berg.


I feel a bit ashamed to bother you guys with this stupid question, but could my glitch name be changed to pmcp? :innocent:


To do that, I would need to know what it is now :slight_smile:


Makes sense :blush: It’s martylauders


You are now known as pmcp.


:raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands:


@Tim Would you be able to change this user’s username to “Mouse Create”:

If you need any kind of verification I can log in on support with that github account, or i can ask on the mouse/fog creek shared slack channel. Thanks!


I changed you to Mouse Create.


hey, @Tim, can you change my name from @elishahu to @ galaxycrusher and Elisha Hu to Galaxy Crusher. thank you!


Go forth and crush galaxies.


Hey @Tim can you change my name from sp-will to sproutsmakers?


You are sproutsmakers.


@Tim i dont know why but my name has changed from Galaxy Crusher back to Elisha Hu, i sign in with my facebook and sometimes i sign out to check stuff, do i need to change my facebook name to make sure that doesn’t happen again?


If that was the first time you logged in with Facebook, it makes sense. Otherwise, I guess it means we’re updating your name from Facebook each time you log in. I’m not sure if that’s a bug or a feature. An easier way to check stuff without logging out is to use an browser window in incognito mode.