Changing you Glitch username?


Can you change my Glitch username from @nathjeid to @nathfreder just like my GitHub account?


it wasn’t the first time but thanks for changing it again


This isn’t so simple, because you already have an account by that name. Can you still log into the other one? I can merge them in the DB, but it will take some work.


Hi, change i change my forum username as well? image
To @ExcelledBot thanks:D


I changed it for you.


Hey Tim, can you change my glitch username (not forum) from Lhermebr to lherme123?


(waves wand)…tada!


I’d love a name change from abrahamwilliams to abraham. :name_badge: :heavy_heart_exclamation:


We have to do this, Abraham is the official abraham of the internet!


@abraham Your name on glitch is now abraham


@anon1813117 Emanuele did some hard work and made this easy for me to change, you are now nathfreder


Hey Glitch Team, can you rename me to Axel Freeman?


What’s your login right now?


Itsönigstein :slight_smile: I hope it changes the URL too.


@AxelF You are now Axel Freeman.


In order to prevent @Tim from accruing any more rename karma from this thread, we’ve added self-serve rename abilities. From here on out, he’ll have to earn our thanks through other avenues :wink:

See You can now rename yourself, and happy renaming :slight_smile:


Yeah I apologize for this XD. Thanks for taking in community feedback actively and implementing features!


Hey @Tim, Can you change my username ABotCoderxD to ardasoyturk? Thanks!


You can now change your own username, see You can now rename yourself


We aren’t allowed to renamed ourselves in the forum tho :frowning:
Would like to rename myself to Excigma, but I think I’ve asked a lot and this makes me look indecisive .-.
Should I make a Feedback post about renaming in forum or will that not be possible?