Checking if something changed with node-fetch

Hello, I am trying to make a thing where every minute node-fetch would do what I want, I already have that whole thing in place but, how would I make it so it would detect if something has changed because I don’t want it to send the same thing if nothing has changed… Also, how would I make the code wait so it isn’t constantly running? Can anybody help?

Can you explain what sort of trigger you want? For example, a local file has changed content, or you press a button on a web page?

Possibly you’re thinking of a listener which triggers code events? Like in hello-express, the default node express glitch project?

You might be interested in setInterval,

Every minute the function would go through again, that’s the trigger.

What sort of condition to be detected?

Node-Fetch will fetch a link and if the data is changed I want it to send a message but if it isn’t changed then it will do nothing.

To keep the app awake for its polling via node-fetch, on Glitch you’d need it to be a boosted (paid) app, see

Suggested app ingredients:

After the app has connected to its database, setup a timer with setTimer to do the fetch and comparison and messaging.

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