Never ending rotating glitch again

HI, I had this glitch several days ago, but now i have it again, even tho i have the listene event. Please help, maybe join so you could see. @glitch_support

Hey @ramoth123 can you confirm which project you’re talking about here so someone can take a closer look?

its my bot project, same as before. Like i had to move the listener to a different file, so something else could work. But now everything is messed up and its shutting down randomly like before

To confirm, that’s

I see that you moved your express configuration into a different file. As far as I can see, though, you’re not telling Node to run the code in that file anywhere. You’re still starting in index.js and there’s no mention of the new file anywhere, so you’re basically back to the same place you were before you added that code. If you require the new file in index.js that might be enough by itself to get you up and running again.

like what do i require. const ??? = require(“webfile.js”)
and what do i do after i require it in teh index, what do i do with it

oh, well. I just needed to do require("./webfile.js") and thats it. Thanks @cori

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but like how do i remove your team from my project, i have really big trust issues :confused:

oh, wow, by requireing the file in index, just destroyed what i was doing at the start, because now i get errors saying the port is already at 3000. Because i have 2 things in the port 3000. So by removing the listener event to a new file, makes everything work. But it was doing that glitch u know, and we fixed it but now its not working again (the other thing) @cori

You have to set other port for the listener #2, i think

Hey @ramoth123 it looks like you’ve gotten this sorted, correct?

Well, now it works but i had to delete the thing i was working on so thats a bummer.