CI/CD possible in Glitch like Netlify?

So recently i imported the project and everything worked great, except that i was not able to configure CI/CD, i did read an old post stating glitch doesn’t support CI/CD, just wanted to know if its possible now?

if not, is there a good way to sync the project?
bcs right now if i try to import instead of overriding its creates a new one with name-1 and so on…


i believe it is possible, somebody made a post on about continuous pushing to github. I’ll find it

EDIT: @mum-never-proud would this help?

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thanks a lot for the resource :slight_smile:

also one more thing idk if its easy but i couldn’t find an option to delete an extra project? do we need to do it from the terminal?

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an extra project? please could you explain further?

like i said in my initial description i imported a repo in glitch and made some changes later then i again imported it thinking it would override the existing project instead it created a new one, so i have two projects now old and new, i want to get rid of old, i tried finding in menu but couldn’t find an option to delete it,

youtube video shows its under advanced option but i don’t see an advance option

Right now, if you want to 100% remove a project, you will have to contact

hi, since a few months ago you only get an option to ‘archive’ your project. If you want to delete it 100% then you’ll have to email

If it doesn’t import from github straight away, try looking in tools/import and export/import from github

oops, thanks :slight_smile: i am not sure about the reason but it would be handy to have a delete option. i will archive it for now,

sure @17lwinn i will have a look thanks you :slight_smile:

thanks @RiversideRocks for the prompt reply :slight_smile:


no problem!

:trophy: for @RiversideRocks for a prompt reply!


It really would. I sure hope they add something like that in the near future.


not really sure why we couldn’t have a bin… then have the option to clear it.

Or at least delete archived projects after 30 days


Can’t you use the APIs to edit projects. Don’t the projects already get uploaded to GitHub?

Each project is a git repo yes, but not on github’s servers. Proabably glitch’s servers, that makes it easier to access by the API


That makes since. I guess that is how remixing is done.

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yeah… that is one of those things making glitch so great…

yes this should definitely be an option, if it was an open source such things could have been done much faster may be

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Maybe make a new topic in #feature-ideas? people may vote for your idea to be added!


cool will create one thanks!